From seed to cup


More than 50 years in the coffee industry with strong knowledge in all the stages of the chain production from seed to cup.

Our coffees are selected from the world´s finest coffees.
1% World Production.


That´s right, no more hands are involved in the chain production from seed to cup. We control all the stages of the coffee production to the final consumer controlling our coffee from origin, import, roast and distribution processes.


To become an international reference as a company with distinguished coffees that only works with fair trade coffees paying a fair price to the local farms at origin. Farms with sustainable and responsible production that promote local social and cultural development.

We will share with the world the best coffee in the world at a fair price so that everyone can afford it and enjoy a specialty coffee every day. 


Educate our customers on the day-to-day about coffee culture. Coffee is the second most consumed drink in the world and the second most traded raw material in the world and yet it is a product unknown by many who drink it daily.

We educate about quality so that coffee lovers can definitely enjoy their favorite drink every day but now with knowledge of what they are drinking.


Become a distributor

Wholesale and Retail

Do you want o start your own distribution business in your market with our brands? We have a strong background in the HORECA international business with succeed in every market we are. We will help you in the brand distribution developement.

Are you a retail or wholesale distributor and you want a distingued coffee with added value to offer to your customers? Well, despite of its uniqueness our coffee has a very competitive price that will make definitely the difference in your linear.

Office Coffee Service (OCS) by FRESH OCS

Have a Specialty Coffee break at your Office

Do you want to have Specialty Coffee at your office? Take your coffee break with an extraordinary coffee in your hands and make your day special. We will give you the specific Office Coffee Service according to your needs. Infinite Superautomatic machine included. Ask for the OCS packs available.


Micro-lots straight from origin

The distinction you are seeking

Are you a coffee roaster or microroasrter and you are seeking distinction for your blends? We have a range of Single Estate monovarieties that will give you the results your are expecting in the cup. Bourbon, Icatú, Catuaí, Mundo Novo…



Make your coffee better

Simple as this! Are you looking for a special coffee for your coffee Brand? We will make the coffee inside for you according to the needs of your market or your own needs in particular. You just have to care about your customers, we will take care about your coffee.




Creating a state of the art farm devoted to produce the best high score coffees in an outstanding new milling structure, taking advantage of the unique characteristics Fazenda Rio Verde and the Mantiqueira Mountains.

Fazenda Rio Verde has always presented impressive numbers of productivity and quality profile. Its average of 36 bags per hectare is well above the best benchmarking figures worldwide. The taste profile of its coffees shows consistently superior cup results and several flavor notes.

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