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  • SINGLE ESTATE COFFEE: Ipanema Espresso® grows only in the Ipanema Coffees farm in Minas Gerais (Brazil). Combines the perfection of climate, terroir and Arabica trees.
  • QUALITY IN TIME GUARANTEED: Brazil, Greece, Uk, Turkey, Uzbekistan wherever you drink it, either yesterday, today or in 10 years, Ipanema Espresso® production ends in the same taste profile.
  • TRACED FROM SEED TO  CUP: Where, who, when, how…? Do you wonder about all these questions while you drink your coffee? Ipanema Espresso® is traced in al the production stages from seed to cup.
  • 100% CERTIFICATED: Good Agricultural Practices, Sustainable Production and Social & Enviromental Responsibility (RainForest, UTZ, FairTrade, CSC…).
  • AFTERTASTE HYPNOTIST: Ipanema Espresso® leaves in your brain a pleasure aftertaste which makes you try another cup instantly. Our customers double their coffee volume sales when they start with Ipanema Espresso®.
  • AWARD WINNER: GOLD award in the Great Taste Awards Contest London for espresso category. Consistently scores highly on the professional tasting qualities.


  • Specialty Coffee from seed to your Office.
  • Full Service: No worries, just enjoy your coffee with our all include service.
  • Super Automatic machines: Jura machine official partner. Huge range of configurations for each type of office.
  • Click & Drink: So easy as pressing 1 bottom. Multiple choices of coffee preparations.
  • Technical service: monthly maintainence to avoid technical issues but in case there is a problem in the machine we will sustitute and repair it.


Creating a state of the art farm devoted to produce the best high score coffees in an outstanding new milling structure, taking advantage of the unique characteristics Fazenda Rio Verde and the Mantiqueira Mountains.

Fazenda Rio Verde has always presented impressive numbers of productivity and quality profile. Its average of 36 bags per hectare is well above the best benchmarking figures worldwide. The taste profile of its coffees shows consistently superior cup results and several flavor notes.