Traceability from seed to cup


… ORIGIN. That´s right, no more hands are involved in the chain production from seed to cup. We control all the stages of the coffee production to the final consumer controlling our coffee from origin, import, roast and distribution processes.

  • We select our coffee from the best farms in the world.
  • We select only the best beans of the best varieties to work with.
  • Our coffee is traced at all stages off the production from seed to cup.
  • We have a commitment with quality in time.
  • We just belive in long term business relationships.
  • We operate worldwide.
  • We are not a traditional coffee importer. We offer coffee with distinct personality while providing valuable resources to help your business succeed from the quality side.
  • We are not a sales team ready to cold call you trying to sell our coffee.



To become an international reference as a company with distinguished coffees that only works with fair trade coffees paying a fair price to the local farms at origin. Farms with sustainable and responsible production that promote local social and cultural development.

We will share with the world the best coffee in the world at a fair price so that everyone can afford it and enjoy a specialty coffee every day. 

Educate our customers on the day-to-day about coffee culture. Coffee is the second most consumed drink in the world and the second most traded raw material in the world and yet it is a product unknown by many who drink it daily.

We educate about quality so that coffee lovers can definitely enjoy their favorite drink every day but now with knowledge of what they are drinking.